Dementia Awareness Training Cheshire

Dementia Awareness Training Cheshire from Acacia Training

Our Dementia Awareness training in Cheshire is a half-day course with the aim to teach caregivers a number of key components involved with caring for those with dementia. One of the primary factors involved in the Dementia Awareness training is recognising the symptoms and understanding how dementia affects the patient’s day-to-day lives. Empathy and understanding is an important part of a caregiver’s role, and it’s essential that with dementia awareness comes the ability to deal with situations in a considerate manner.

What You’ll Learn with Dementia Awareness Training in Cheshire

With our Dementia Awareness training in Cheshire, the first key component is defining dementia – what is dementia and how do we identify the symptoms? Dementia Awareness training is also about promoting communication between those with dementia, and providing appropriate activities.


There are different stages of dementia, which can be identified by analysing the behavior of the patient. By taking Acacia’s dementia awareness training in Cheshire, caregivers will be armed with the information and training that will allow them to confidently assess a dementia patient. This in turn will help lead to the correct treatment being given, and a better understanding of the patient’s day-to-day life. There are also different types of dementia, so it’s important that caregivers are able to identify which type a patient has – this is another component of our Dementia Awareness training in Cheshire.

What’s included in Acacia’s Dementia Awareness Training in Cheshire?

Because we specialise in providing training for the care sector, our Dementia Awareness raining in Cheshire is up to date with the latest regulations, meaning you can guarantee that you’re receiving the highest level of training in Cheshire and the surrounding areas. The Dementia Awareness training we provide to caregivers in Cheshire includes a PowerPoint presentation, and an accompanying training booklet providing in-depth information of components covered on the course. Get in touch for more information about Dementia Awareness training in Cheshire.