Dementia awareness training in Staffordshire

Dementia – A Growing Issue:

There are over 800,000 people in the UK suffering from dementia, with 80 percent of people living in care homes suffering from some form of dementia or severe memory problems. It’s therefore essential that carers are equipped with the skills necessary to cope with the high demands of dementia care. Specialist skills are required  to give the optimum care for dementia sufferers to improve the experience for both the carer and the dementia sufferer.

Dementia Awareness Training in Staffordshire

Here at Acacia Training we specialise in providing renowned dementia awareness training in Staffordshire. Our dementia awareness course is a half day session aimed at giving caregivers a firm grounding in dementia care settings. The skills learnt include identifying different forms of dementia, encouraging effective communication, understanding the stages, behaviour response and developing meaningful activities for dementia sufferers.

Find out more about Dementia Training in Staffordshire:

Our dementia awareness training in Staffordshire is extremely popular and encourages the carers to empathise with the sufferers situation and draw on an individual’s experience in both professional and private settings to provide effective dementia awareness training. Our instructors are highly trained and qualified in the care profession, and our experience owning our own care homes in the past makes us well placed to provide you with the best training available. We will work with your business to provide a comprehensive and effective service which is tailored to your needs.