Level 5 Apprenticeship in Standard – Children, Young People & Families Manager (Option 1)

Course Level: Level 5

Delivery: Apprenticeship

Study mode: Full Time

Course overview:

This apprenticeship is designed to develop the skills, knowledge and behaviours of professionals working in residential childcare. The qualification is suitable for managers/ deputy managers of residential childcare settings.

Throughout the apprenticeship you will be supported to develop the following specialist skills & knowledge as part of your on programme delivery in the workplace with one of our specialist tutors.

Mandatory Modules: 

  • The principles of long term care and support for children and young people.
  • The legislation, the theoretical approaches and the compliance requirements for running a residential care home for the care and support of children and young people
  • The theory and best practice in the use of restraint

Optional Modules Including:

  • Ensures each child receives care and that the continuity of care for each child is in place
  • Models the behaviour expected from staff and communicates a clear message about the responsibilities required in the care and support of children
  • Manages and monitors safe systems of physical restraint

Mandatory qualifications included in this standard:

  • Level 5 diploma in leadership and management for residential childcare
  • Level 2 Functional skills English
  • Level 2 Functional skills Maths

End point assessment requirements:

On completion of the above qualifications, you will be required to undertake an end-point assessment which will be carried out by an independent assessment organisation selected by your employer.

The end point assessment will include the following activities:

  • Graded situational judgement test (4 questions and will last 45 mins)
  • Competence interview informed by portfolio (55-65 mins duration)

Both assessment activities will be graded and the outcome of the end point assessment will result in a final grade which allows for a pass or distinction to be awarded.

How to enrol:

Call: 01782 646346


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