Moving and Handling Training

Mandatory Moving and Handling Training from Acacia Training


Acacia training offer training in moving and handling which is a mandatory component in working in Health and Social Care. Before you choose if you would like to complete this short course with us, we have provided an overview of everything you need to know about moving and handling in health and social care.

What is Moving and Handling?

Moving and Handling is a key part of the working day for most employees mainly involving assisting residents in moving. This has many benefits for residents throughout their day to day lives. The process of moving and handling can take many forms and involves different equipment to complete the process which are highlighted later in this guide.

Why moving and handling is important?

Moving and Handling is an important component of working within the care industry. This is because moving and handling can cause injuries that have severe implications for residents. Additionally, injuries can have serious implications for employers too and it is part of their responsibility to ensure that all staff have completed their moving and handling training.

Moving and Handling Equipment

The main equipment used for moving and handling training is hoists, bath hoists, slide sheets, wheelchairs and turntables.

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