Safeguarding Adults Training Cheshire

Safeguarding Adults Training is essential for those caring for adults that may be at risk because of the level of care and support they need. It’s vital that adults in care are looked after adequately, and one step towards ensuring this happens is to train all staff in the key components of keeping adults safe against potential abuse. Our Safeguarding Adults Training in Cheshire is aimed towards staff already employed, and wishing to learn the processes involved with safeguarding adults at risk. It’s a half day course that covers a number of areas, beginning with an introduction into DBS and disclosure changes, and moving onto cover an awareness of the different types of abuse and how to spot them.

Factors of Safeguarding Adults in Cheshire

We then move on to the legislation involved in safeguarding adults in Cheshire, and how to document any incidents of abuse that occur. We also cover the importance of whistle blowing, and how to react to specific incidents such as choking. Safeguarding Adults Training for Cheshire based care is one of the most important factors involved with caring for adults.

Types of abuse may include physical, psychological, sexual, financial, neglect, discriminatory or more, which is why it’s so important to have the knowledge and awareness needed to spot the signs of these mistreatments. By taking the Safeguarding Adults Training in Cheshire with Acacia Training, your staff will be armed with the facts and much more able to react and respond to abusive situations.

Standard 10 of the Care Certificate with Safeguarding Adults Training in Cheshire

Since the Care Certificate was made compulsory, the Safeguarding Adults Training has become even more vital in the complete training of carers in Cheshire. Our course will ensure that carers have the understanding necessary to comply with standard 10 of the Care Certificate. Get in touch for more information about the courses we provide.