Unsure how to spend your Apprenticeship Levy pot? Acacia Training can help!

apprenticeship levy funds

In 2017, the Apprenticeship Levy was introduced by the UK government. However, in the first year 92% of funds in accounts had been unused, equating to over £1bn. This means that in the upcoming year these funds are either required to be spent or they risk being lost completely.

Your Apprenticeship Levy Options

Use your Apprenticeship Levy on Staff Training

Acacia Training offers staff training across Health & Social Care, Childcare and Dental Nursing. If you are interested in using your apprenticeship levy to get high quality training then Acacia Training can help.

Donate to another company

You may be able to donate up to 10% of your funds to another company who wishes to use the funds for staff training. Steps on how to donate your apprenticeship levy funds can be found here.

Lose your funds

If you do nothing by April 2018 with your existing apprenticeship levy funds, you will lose them completely.

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